They say they care for their kids
But your letting them have sweets
They will get diabetes
They say they are honest to their kids
But the kids are crying
They are so deceived
Now, here's a tip
Stop the lies
End the carelessness
Love and care for your kids
And throw that diamond away
And say

No more Christmas
No more carelessness
No more kisses means
No more lies

They say they will be happy
But their not
Your just forcing them to
They say that they will be safe
But your giving them sweets
It's just not good for them
Feed them something good
Like fruits and vegetables
And they will say
No more Christmas
No more bad nutrition
Stay healthy
Stay indoors
Yeah, baby

Stop singing carols
They spread a disease
Just stop this madness
'cause nothing else ever works
And your kids will understand
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No More Christmas Lyrics

The Transgender Lites – No More Christmas Lyrics