Itz the one way anthem
We got ths, we got them
When we do it, we do it for them.
We Believe in only one vision
Itz a dream that has come true, itz a way and it is our life yes we got
This we got them.

Verse 1
Mucci coming in I got the ball so keep it rolling,
Flow so hard yeah I got keep it going. Itz the One Way anthem yeah we got
The Base Bumping, lets throw it to Breezy so we can take him.

Verse 2
Okae I just wanna say thank you, thank you for the love and times and am
Grateful. All for the money, for ryhmes nd the shines. Nd th lym lights on
Me. Am rollin out of my mind. I keep, I keep flowing am going am never
Stopin am rollin am just like a stumbling bolder keep it going. I keep the
Money graming I keep the money coming daddy wanna sing about it cause aint
Even starting okae God just blessed me with talent yes yes people don't get
Me I get it. You never understand me miss understood like weezy say we got
Mucci on the keyz yeah bryce on the chorus ths is what we do noone can flow
Us this is how do yeah we
Rule we rule the world yeah we got to stop it now
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One Way Anthem Lyrics

The One Way – One Way Anthem Lyrics

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