Can't wait for my next show cuz I know she'll be there
California dreaming Barbie style with the blonde hair
Tuck it in but you know we're going to hang out
Never took the shot but I might take the rebound
A7 she's my battleship girl she's always a hit and miss
She enters life of the party but leaves with only a kiss
And I don't know what to do

My baby don't think so secondary
I just need some time to think and clear my mind
Refrain from calling always wanted her to fall in love with me
But that was my 8th grade fantasy

At the show she said she really liked me
Gave me false hope it gave me such a false dream
Grab myself get in touch with reality
Turns out the girl really does like me
My relationship might be rocky but I'm sure it will never bend
Why does she have to like me when I have a girlfriend

What do I do next
I'm just freaking out about
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Perfect 10 Lyrics

The CombatAnts – Perfect 10 Lyrics

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