Whatyou know about that
Nike outlet
Wanted the penny hardaways but momma said doubt that
7 months son you gonna grow out that
Let's go scout at payless whatever the minimum long as you fittinem
Now I got so many dunks I could swim in em

Snap crackle pop when I walk cause my kix so crispy
Copped em for free. 99 cause I'm thrifty
Minty fresh le air maxes
Couldn't touch my style with
20 years practice
Presidential swagger you should
Pay me taxes
Everything I do
I do big like Texas
Supersize mine you didn't eat breakfast
I got that sumo flow you anorexic
I keep it fresh to death like I’m a breathmint
Steppin on my steez
You should be arrested
Talkin to your lady friend
She wanna let me in
Til you say you know where I’ve been
Steppin on my what?!
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Don't Step On My Sneakers Lyrics

The Beatards – Don't Step On My Sneakers Lyrics

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