Loveless and lifeless
This world's no friend of mine
Joyless and colorless
Can't wait to leave it all behind

I chone on the bitterness
That eats me form inside
As I drown in the emptiness
I stare trough broken eyes
And take the pain

Hopeless defenseless
From the horror that
Grows inside
Devouring relentless
Intestinal suicide

I reach for my medicine
Chemical peace of mind
Must be my punishment
I laugh when I realize
And take the pain

Nothing but pain it is all that
Will ever remain
There is no happy end I will die
Feeling nothing but pain

My body's shutting down
My hands and feet ar bound
A fitting end for me
The pain wil set me free
Now I must feed

Feed my pain and
Feed my pain and
Feed my pain and
Feed my pain and die
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Nothing But Pain Lyrics

The 11th Hour – Nothing But Pain Lyrics

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