Get wild, get crazy
(Make noise, don't be lazy
(Let me hear you say (Whatcha' say?) (x4) ((
Hey hey!
Whatcha' say?(
Hey hey! ((

Verse 1:
(It's a fine fine time to be (
Whoopin' their behinds (
It's how we play (Whatcha' say?) ((
It's a Texas rule (
That we take them all to school (
Let me hear you say((
Hey hey! (
Whatcha' say?
(Hey hey! (x2)

Excellence! Respect! Integrity!
You gotta put it on; you put your orange on
The orange is on!
Wear it proud, and let me hear you say
Hey hey! (
That's the way we play(
Hey hey! (x2)
Whatcha' say?
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Say Hey! Lyrics

Texas Longhorns – Say Hey! Lyrics