Shootin Stars
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Uhh, microphone check I'm a wreck any beat
Not a hoe but you know she a freak in the sheets
And a lady in the streets, like Luda said
When I need her for some head then I call her Sudafed
She my medicine and better than most of you bitches ever been
I got her in my court, good sport no letterman
Enough about her, let's talk about this
How I'm tryna get rich can't stop, won't quit
No s***, gettin to the money, stackin it up
And y'all keep lyin bout ya stats, paddin em up
Fraudulent but we know where ya commas is
Bank in the red negative what is probably is
Yeah and I am back in this bitch again
Actin all crazy like I slacked on some Riddelin
No prescription though, I don't even need it
But I'm givin em a dose of me, feedin em a treatment
I be goin ham, you know I be goin ham
Spittin crazy try to fade me but you never fuckin can
On my A game, every single day makin hits
Like they standin there waitin to get hit by a freight train
No I ain't playin like I got a ankle sprain
Chillin like it's Labor Day, givin the game labor pains
Yeah, yeah and we bout to knock it up
And we bout to plant a seed plannin to see some profit come
You are so dumb, I am so smart what a genius
Yes I am a genius, thinkin with my penis
Put me on TV, like my name Zenith
I'm what's been missin like an old mans teeth is
Jesus I can't believe these mothafuckin leeches
All up on me cuz I'm cool like the breeze is
Put it down once, then they put it on a remix
We bout to be eatin, this is where the feast is
Y'all can't hang, hook em like heroin
She thinkin Vera Wang me I'm thinkin Mary Jane
2 kush cakes I'm twisted my brain missin
Bet you get me if you twistin Ls on a night mission
I don't like dissin but if you force me then I gots ta
All about green like a rasta
Red in my eyes like sauce on pasta
White outline I could lyrically chalk ya
Known to stay focused like a mantra
I never imitate so what the fuck made you think I'm tryna mock ya?
Had a big ass so I stopped her like a copper
Crew so thick got me mobbin like a mobster
Try to mock me but you can't replicate great
Bitter you don't say thanks, dinner you don't say grace
Losers hate winners and winners they hate fakes
Never say it to my face we ain't in the same place
Same race neither, you actin like a diva
Had enough tell em wrap it up like a pita
Eat a d*** prick if you tryna be a non believer
Yeah I get a fix rippin beats get my cheese up
I am up On It like I'm French Montana
Known in my city like I'm Tony Montana
Not a thug though I don't ever wear a bandana
Tryna make it out a trap like I came from Atlanta

Lou Vuittoner too much drama
Cover mouth just like kitana
Grippin fans just like kitana
Fuck ya Mama fuck ya Papa
Tell me nada holla rasta
All up in the sky I'm Nasa
Spaced out, and the moon my casa
King my darlin, you could call me Mufasa
Lolligaggin, with my pants saggin
Roll it up yeah, now the doobie draggin
Fuck you while you standin
Bitch stand down
Stand offish, black mags, black coffins
Preachin oval office
Too much drama if a bitch is actin novice
Penis keep it poppin, I keep it poppin
Panties keep em droppin
I'm ya savior ya lookin at a prophet
Fuck them other n*** I'm a sinner to Mohammed
I send goons round way be discreet about the topic
Lil fuck n*** stop it
Yeah man I gotta be a beast
Breakin jaws in ya city man fuck Lil Queef
I'm Tac Town mafuck hear me preach
Yeah I'm that down I got a burna and I reach
And I don't gotta make cents to make sense of s***
Yeah so fuck ya censorship
Get ya common sense up
Dumb ass
It's Hush
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Sudafed Lyrics

Tactics – Sudafed Lyrics