You're not alone in the world when you think you are
I'll show you that you're not
I'll share the pain when it weighs heavy on your heart
When you are hurting

If your world falls down upon you
I'll be there

Don't ever think that no one needs you
Or feels you
Cause I do, I do, I care

When you hurt I hurt
When you cry I cry
We're both made of the same blood
We're the same inside
When you break I break
I feel everything you feel
When you hurt it hurts me

You're not alone in this world cause I'm here for you
I'll show you that I am

Every emotion you feel I'm feeling too
I understand you

And if hard times fall hard upon you
I'll be there
Don't ever think no one needs you or feels you
Cause I do, I do
I swear

And when you're down
It gets me down
I wanna see you smiling
You're not alone and you need to know that
That I care
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When You Hurt Lyrics

Syndicate – When You Hurt Lyrics