No greater tyranny can there be
Than slave over slave
The acrid taste is bitter sweet
To cast off shackles
And gain liberty

To love one's enemy is easy
When the enemy is guised as a friend
I refuse to submit once again
To the whelming gaze
No more tyranny

Now I stand outside
Trackless and unburdened
Now I declare
The scales have fallen away

Once awakened you cannot return
The dancing shadows lose appeal
When passionate stupor becomes broken
The old ways can bring no peace

As knowledge quickens
The soul unto wisdom
It raises the slave
Out of the herd

No greater love has any man but this
That the machines of tyranny he will destroy
Those made to beat the soul to serve
Mechanisms that captive and blind in slavery

The eyes that once I blinded
Have been quickened with new sight
Empty sockets perceive not
Shadow play but noonday sun

Too long did I cower
I had become a slave
Now set free from control
Trackless and unburdened
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The Iscariot Aspect: Fides Quaerens Intellectum Lyrics

Sympathy – The Iscariot Aspect: Fides Quaerens Intellectum Lyrics