So step into the rain
To find another day
And all your spite will stain
So wash it all away

I must find (search for new ways to think)
In my mind (and break out of the link)
A place to hide (you know it's time to move on)
From inside (since what has passed is now gone)

And you hear them saying
From out in the rain
We're trying to find
This point of refraction
Now you are one of us
Rejected in this fuss
But you will fit in here
And now it's coming clear

Now you see (and this isn't a dream)
Why we be (you know they aren't what they seem)
Why we flee (it's time to change our ways)
Turn to free (so we can live out our days)

They want what I have seen
To find the way
When we get to that point of refraction
It will be yesterday
And you hear them saying...
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Point Of Refraction Lyrics

Symfinity – Point Of Refraction Lyrics