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Nothing Else Now Lyrics

Sybyr – Nothing Else Now Lyrics

[Verse 1: Sybyr]
My name is Syringe, nothing else now
If I was Syringe, I would die now
I got some more scars in my brain now
Now bring me more pain so I level out
I got a new toy, and I name it me
I made a new beat and I named it me
The quality shitty, 200p
I reactivate all of the petty beings
Kill me moe, fuck where I'm from hoe
God isn't real, but you won't know
Until I get engraved in your puny brain
Until people wanna kill me for lack of sane
Swear to both sides, this ain't the last of me
Swear to both sides, this ain't a tragedy
Cause I ain't the hero I'm supposed to be
Only purpose in life was to shit and bleed
My name is Syringe, what do you see?
Well I see a lens or a PC
Well I see the internet pushing me
I may sound depressed cause I'm phase 3
I stay up all night, and go workin'
I'mma be better than everything
That was a lie, cause I'm fearin' me
I fear that you folks wouldn't like me

[Verse 2: Evil Nigga & Sybyr]
No, fuck it all up, that's enough
Syringe, i'mma take care of your dust
Trust me, you gotta plot that's a must
No, I would rather be rattled and done
Ha, what happened to makin' it fun?
The emperor tearin' it down with no gun
I am your energy, you can't outrun
You sound like a bitch with a dick in your bum

[Verse 3: Sybyr]
Well fuck it, I rather go yell that I am a goat
Trapped- in a body of a black boy
Wearing shit clothes, makin no moves
Gettin no hoes, booking no shows
That's how this goes, in the long road, in the long road
In the long road
In the long road
In the long road


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