Accretion of stellar matter collapsing
Particles crushed at excessive speed
The Protostar, pressured by gravitation forces
Awaits it's ascent to radiance

Red nova ignition, phase one:
To set ablaze the cosmos in all directions
To combust electron discharge
And dissipate the greatest void

The solar newborn shall be crowned
To reign over new, pristine worlds
And inundate their immaculate crust
With heavy radiations

Spiraling, hydrostatic equilibrium
Photon winds diffusing light
Explosive, universal space/time commotion
Following a scheme divine

Repelling darkness, illuminating the canvas of all creation
Destroying eons of nonexistence, the monad has come to life

Submerged in the fire burning the vault of heaven
The celestial scion shines upon the universe frame
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Red Nova Ignition Lyrics

Sybreed – Red Nova Ignition Lyrics