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Switchblades And Serenades Lyrics

Sworn In – Switchblades And Serenades Lyrics

I was a gang from the wrong side of town
Thinking murder and lovesick drowned
So you wanna know all about loss?
It's not the dying, it's the trying to live without the "fuck you" eyes
You're no friend of mine
Tired of the reasons why there was no you and I
When all I wanted to hear was "I love yous" and joy division
These bitter moments last for years
But that's the last time you see these england tears
Screaming silence into bleeding ears
Still I search for a heart on the blood covered streets
A boy from the wrong side of life
With bike chain anthems to settle the score
But I would have stabbed my way through the crowds
To fall to my knees and say "Baby, be mine please"
Then when we walked people would talk
"There go the kids with no tomorrow"
Writing farewells in stone
Here lies another dead romeo"
I was so far gone
I was better off dead
I couldn't see the end
My knives don't bend so you can kiss your face goodbye
Cause it's over, a tear for every taken life
Cried so many times but you'll never see these tears again
It's over, can't go back on what's said
A taste for love and death
Like when sharks and jets meet
I was too far gone

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