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Watching The Wayfarers Lyrics

Swingin' Utters – Watching The Wayfarers Lyrics

We saw gold when there was only dust in the worst
We saw in us what no one else could
We traveled far and tramped the dirt
Down deep to where our souls could keep the time and never rest
Mind the road flares watch the steep stairs
Pace yourself harbor your fate
Temptation, hate, destiny sells
I've asked all the bitter, hapless, and broken down
They just return my frowns and tell me to forget
Simplicity is not what I was hoping for
I thought it'd be much more than what I'd always dreamt
Read the roadmaps thumb through atlases and charts
Try to lose yourself in powder, booze and bars
I'll return to all my favorite hunts
Frequent familiar spots I never really left
Distance myself from scattered, lofty thoughts
Make them resolute, destitute, vague and deaf
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