Mrs. Lovett
Ooh Mr. Todd!
*Kisses*I'm so happy
*Kisses*I could
*Kisses* eat you up
I really could
You know what I'd like to
Do Mr. Todd *kisses*
What I've dreamed
*Kisses" if the
Business is as good

Where I'd really like to go
In a year or so
Don't you want to know?
Do you really want to know?

By the sea, Mr. Todd
That's the life I covet
By the sea Mr. Todd
Oh I know you'd love it
You and me Mr. T
We could be alone
In a house that we'd almost own

Down by the sea
Todd: anything you say
Lovett: wouldn't that be smashing

Think of snow
Get away underneath our flannel
Where it's just you and me
And the english channel
In our cozy retreat
Cute and neat and tidy
We'll have chums over every friday

By the sea
Don't ya love the weather
By the sea
We'll grow old together
By the seaside
Whoa what a beautiful scene

It'll be so quiet
They'd all come by it
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By The Sea Lyrics

Sweeney Todd – By The Sea Lyrics