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Blurb Lyrics

SWAMPMAHN – Blurb Lyrics


Sorry man
Sorry about that
You feel me
I'm just disgusting like that
You know how it goes
When you the SWAMPMAHN

[Verse 1]

Speaking out loud
Cause I really don't give a fuck
Just roaring on the ho's
Cuz I'm just rowing the paddle boat
Cause I'm just like a toad
Ribbit ribbit
Cause I'm ripping it up
When I'm in the punani
I don't give a fuck

[Verse 2]

Cause you always nagging me ho
That's why I'm really never picking up the phone
But it's okay
Cause I'm barely saying no
I'm like the Yes Man
Cause I'm almighty
Like Bruce

[Verse 3]

Oh shit
I'm fucking thundering
Like my fucking breath
Like Zeus
But you have no clue
Who I be still
Cause I like stinking around
Like the glue
Cause going around
Getting loot

[Verse 4]

Cause you just mad
Just cause I'm like the monopoly
Oh shit
Like the game
Cause you think I'm so boring
I'm just like chess game
But i stay in my own lane
But still calling me a nerd
Saying I'm a lame
But what a shame
I know I'm rhyming words
Like a typical rapper
But I don't give a fuck
I'm really a poet
You really got to understand this shit

You feel me
Quit think this some other shit
Man this really poetry
Get wit it
Just reminiscing on the days
About the hoes and bros
But never switching
On never na ah ha
Yea you know how it goes man
This off the top and shit
You feel me
I don't really have to think
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