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My Cup Lyrics

SwagHollywood – My Cup Lyrics

I been dreaming thangs (x2)
Pulled up in a range
Bet they know my name
Skr skr skr
Took off gang
Lil swag got them bands
Had my check up
Yeah you know whats up
Aye I had to flex up
Look inside my cup
I bet its purp af
Lil swag he lovin me love
Only got gas in my blunts
Yo bitch know she wanna fuck
I cannot fuck on no sluts
Only on foreigner sluts
I put my thumb in her butt
I blew a ride off a ruff
Check out my jacket is tough
Designer my frame
Lil swag dont want fame
I really ain't getting enough
They stealing my style
They can't pay no homage
Lil swag can't show you no love(x2)
Yo bitch she really a dub
Fuck that lil bitch is a scrub
Dont put your foot on my rug (yeah,yeah)
Just pass me my cup
I fell in love with the drank
Lil swag fell in love with the drank
You can't tell me what i can and can't
Lil swag gone go and take a drink
Everyday i wake up smoke a blunt
Please just pass my cup, you know what i want
Want a bad bitch with a really big butt
R.i.p to yams
Please dont touch my cup
Just pass me my cup (x7)
Lil swag doubled up
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