Steel undercovered machine,
Made of screws and gears,
Working under our skin,
Where sense has been erased.
Each time the same trail,
We think but we fail.
Walking backwards to your place,
Even when we know you won't be there.
It's automatic, static feelings run the engine on this race,
And when we are healing, you start killing
All our system, all again.
We drain the tears off our veins,
Cause it's known that we rust like chains.

When we collapse, it starts with some cracks
In our backs, spreads fast it attacks.
The flesh gets hard
And the things we thought we knew,
They're fake,
So we break.

Press on the button to wake up and face the air,
Of a city that's almost, always dead.
Staring with glazed eyes,
Flaws of my device,
Sending signals to my head
But I'm still aware
That I'm programmed to fall for the same mistakes
But I don't wanna come down,
I'm so high, I'm where gravity breaks
And shapes are drawn by your hands,
You grow flowers where you stand,
So stand close to me

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Gears Lyrics

Svra Be Quiet – Gears Lyrics