Beautiful brown eyed boy
You make me wanna
Oh you make me wanna

Move a little closer to you
I really wanna
Wanna get to know you

It's in the way you look at me
Tell me do you like
What you see

I can't keep my eyes off you
I try to play it cool
But it's taking over me

Feels like I'm falling
And there's nothing I can do
I try to hold on
But I'm slipping
Baby I'm a fool for you

Oh.. Oh.. You make my body sing
Oh.. Oh.. Please come touch me

I couldn't help but noticing you're looking at me
I kinda get the feeling
That you like what you see

If that's the case girl I gotta let you know
No need to lie about it
The feeling's mutual

There's a crazy chemistry with you and me
The boys say I'm hooked on you
They think I'm crazy

I try to play it cool
Baby I'm a fool
I really go this thing for you


(4x) You make me wanna
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You Make My Body Sing Lyrics

Suzanna Lubrano – You Make My Body Sing Lyrics