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Haze Lyrics

Susijat – Haze Lyrics

Woven into a spider web
Threads thicken inside the veins
Calculated moves and steps
The purpose already past it's end
Head moves only back and forth
A vast sky before blind eyes
Grinding the light into the dust
No recollection of real beauty

Give back the fallen leaves
Try to comprehend their screams
Roll the oak trees up the mountain
Send the wrong world off a cliff
The indecision is a fort
The porcelain solitude a queen
Growing foul by the minute
Unaware of it's own speed
Break the bottle
Unwind the black clock
Let the memories flow free
It contains a simple peace
Greets the future unreleased
The combustion of the night is
Carved into the earth
Repossessing the deceit &
Swallowing the sea

No desire to move past it
No desire to forfeit
No wind can tear these knots
Nor untangle the mourning truth
So push the needle
Deeper in the silence
Lead the eyes into the iron sea
Clip the feathers
Benumb the feet
Melt into the haze
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