When you’re out in the outback, in that old coal town
I want to know where you’re at when you’re not underground
Don’t go down to the Grand Hotel, I’ve told you that before
The girls down there, they’re damned to hell, that I know for sure

And when you’re down there in that hole with a heart as black as coal
Just know the devil never was that cold
And when you’re standing there so deep, I’ll be back here losing sleep
Get sanctified, don’t give me doubt
Fly in, fly out

I said ‘I love you’ loud and I’ll say it again
This TNT couldn’t break my vow, it means more now than then
I don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s all in your head
Some young thing in a dirty bar, I’d rather kiss this coal instead


I’m stuck out here ‘til saturday
You never loved me anyway
I swear that you’ve been on my mind
You haven’t called me all this time
Before I get too far along, here’s your chance to prove me wrong
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Fly In, Fly Out Lyrics

Susan Lily – Fly In, Fly Out Lyrics

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