I hope to give more to you
I hope to give until
There is nothing more than I can think of
To give, I love, to give, until
I am overflow

I hope to give to you
Even in my poverty
I hope to give in weakness
Knowing that His love will shine through
All the brighter
I hope to give, through hard times
And perseverance

I hope to share, share of the riches of life
I hope to glorify with you
I hope to rejoice... you
I hope to love and dance and
Jump up and down
I hope to give together in joy
I hope to close my eyes with him
And imagine the heaven, together
I hope to whisper dreams
To hear the child that never died
To save our love
I hope to pain the shadow of eternity
With you
That will make other gasp and wonder
Amazement, anticipation
I hope to give in all

I hope to give, each and every day
I hope to love you when I feel like it
And love you when I don't
I hope to lean on you
And hope you lean on me
I hope to give patient caring protection
I hope to give,
I hope to give
In faithfulness
There is only one I could give you
Any... my dear
Because it's through him, with him,
Strengthened by him, supported by him
In him, in him, in him, in him
I love you, in him.
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I Hope To Give More To You Lyrics

Susan Hawthorne – I Hope To Give More To You Lyrics

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