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Lucky I Love You Lyrics

Susan Ashton – Lucky I Love You Lyrics

"Lucky I Love You"

Hey baby stop clickin that pen
I'm gonna take it away if you do it again
Sometimes I think you just love gettin on my nerves
I believe opposites attract
Cuz I wouldn't have you if it wasn't for that
You like the music
I like the words
Don't ya know how good ya got it
Listen up and I'll tell ya all about it

You're lucky I love you like I do
Everything for you I do cuz I want to
I wouldn't feel this way
If you were anyone else
And ya know it's a good thing that I think
You're the only one for me and that you hung the moon
You're lucky I love you
You're lucky I love you, yeah

You got your ways and you got your quirks
But you got my heart and that's why it works
And I wouldn't change the way you are
Yet whenever we fuss and fight
Before the end of the day we always make it right
We never let it go that far
Anything you want you know you got it
But every now and then you need remindin


Darlin you know that I need you
It's a simple fact to say that you need me too

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