Too big, too big for her top
When are those strings gonna pop
Distracting all the surfers
They forget about the tubes
No time for waves
Let's talk about those boobs

You just can't miss her
When she's coming your way
Just how big they are it's hard to say
We wanna get to know her
But there's hardly any room
Everybody wants to see bazooms

Over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders, hey
Will you look at the size of those things
Forget it man, I couldn't handle it
I can't handle it man
Aw come on man go for it
Forget it man
Uh, you know, just don't bother
I'll pass on that, I can't handle it
No way boy
I'm not going near those
No way
No possible way
Uh uh, pass
Just forget it pal
You can have it
Forget it
All yours
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Big Top Lyrics

Surf Punks – Big Top Lyrics