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One Person Or Two Lyrics

Sure Conviction – One Person Or Two Lyrics

Liffengren/P. Liffengren)
I know you've been hurt, you've been criticized
You've been judged by hypocrites all of your life
And there's some people who've been pulling your chain
They've attacked your life and done it all in God's name
Don't allow one person or two
To turn you away, away from the truth
We're sorry for the ones who've judged you
Don't throw God's love away for the one person or two
They've come after your friends and the way you look
They've preached at your music and they've used the Book
But in their excitement and their holy zeal
They forgot God's love and instead they've preached hell
Ask Him yourself if He's truly real
Give Him a chance and His love will be revealed
He'll show you forgiveness and fill you within
All you have to do is ask Him in
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