(Mista Rome)
Baby come and kick it / Wit the nigga from the block
Everytime I drop / Chickenheads gone flock
Boo I'm really diggin and I just can't front
You and me together / We can tag team stunt
Shawty from the top / You can rock my chain
Thirty six months / You can rock my name
Shawty I'm for real / I ain't joking, I ain't playing
What ya last nigga can't / baby girl I can
I'm a real nigga / Aye lil momma don't trip
Wanna fuck / In my head I can taste yo lips
Make me say / Damn how she get so fine
You can make a fag / Wanna shawty like mine
Girl off the chain / In the real tight dress
Any other chick / And I'll be settling for less
She ain't like the rest / She ain't dealing with the stress
Baby girl holla back / You can kick it with the best

Chorus 2x (Josie)

Oh, I'm feeling you
I'm really feeling you
You're so fine
-Mista Rome: So fine! She so fine! She so fine, so fine, so fine!

(Killa Shay)
My nigga so fly / So cool
My nigga GQ / In the old school
My nigga got swag / And a big dick
My nigga hit the black / Then he talk shit
Look so good / In the blue drop
Light green / When he stop paint flip flop
Gold teeth in his mouth / Like sun shine
Rock hair down his back / Just like mine
Stay up on his grind / Don't waste time
And he keep a fuckin nine / On his waist line
He ain't never been late / For my peep show
And he like to put his mouth / Where the dick go
Straight from the hood / So he fuck good
Hit it from the back / In the pitch black
And it ain't another bitch / That can take mine
I'm a act a damn fool / Cause he so fine

Chorus x2

(D N Ice)
I keep my chick laced / With the new shit
Then every other night / We gotta do shit
She be rocking size 8 / Jimmy Choo shit
And they go together nice / With her blue shit
So sick, camera flash / When she walk through
Bad bitch when she pass / What you want boo
Get a sample of that ass / When I slide through
Pull them muh'fucking Vickies / To the side boo
Dick hard as a rock / Cause I miss you
And I ain't talking bout yo mouth / When I kiss you
She more than I dime / I don't do cents
And Beauty is her name / So that make sense
Dimple on her face / So sexy
And she make crack a mile / When she text me
The girl so fine / Like J-Lo
And she gone be mine / If I say so

Chorus x2
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So Fine Lyrics

Superstar Status – So Fine Lyrics

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