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Can't Get Enough Lyrics

Supergroove – Can't Get Enough Lyrics

Well I was kind of wondering, wondering
Whether you could help me out
With a problem that will kind of a make you go scream and shout
It's a problem that I face, of time and time or place and place
Whenever they're coming they're bringing it back
And hippity-hoppiting and jumping the bass, say yoko ono
Do you wanna go-go, quick
Jumping a back into my groove, like my brother
Sticker, flicker, flicker to a flavour
Beats are rocking harder than a brick to a layer
Ease up, ease up, brother brown put your knees up
Begin to be flipping and kicking like a Bruce Lee feature
'Cos teacher wanna tickity-tick the shallow preacher funk
Eat ya like a cream puff, 'cos I can't get enough

Can't get enough
Can't get enough, can't get enough, no [4 times]

Here it is for hers or his
For his, for hers, for better, for worse
For what it's worth, the second verse, the verse gets funnier
Mixing up a storm, brewing up a tornado
Having an abundance of platonic relationships
Reminiscent of my man, Mike Plato
I was running down the street, just screaming I was blind
But I lost my voice, like I lost my mind and I
Couldn't get another [5 times]
Sworn, to conform, to the norm, yawn, like a lawn
Born, I was born, to reform, war torn
And I was breakin' indeed
An' runnin' an' singin' an' making 'em off the cuff, woo
Uh uh uh uh, 'cos I can't get enough

Can't get enough
Can't get enough, can't get enough, no [8 times]

So high, can't get over it
So low, can't get under it
So wide, can't get round it
Oh rock my soul

Verse 3:
Star steery steps now, stowing it, still sticky
People stop picking now, makin' people picky
Tricky Micky had a hickey, maybe he went for a quickie
What the thingamejig, watchamecallit, doohickey
The rain in spain falls mainly on the rapper
My, my, my, my, M. C. Hammer
Euh, euh, euh, stammer
D-d d-d d-d d-d d-d, jackhammer

[2 times]

[3 times]
Can't get enough, can't get enough, no
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