Has your country been pre-sold?
Are your citizens up for hire?
The new colossus is getting old
We are poor and we are tired
I don't know what to believe in
You can't put that on a t-shirt
Are we the bottom feeders?
Did you market the research?

If you want a reason
You got a reason now
So pledge your allegiance
And follow your leaders down

There is water, there is land
We got apples on either end
But we need to defend
What is it I don't understand?

Say something logical, cause no-ones foreign to the feeling
Make it sound, make it sound impossible
We'd be getting what we're dealing,
I don't wanna swim, no, I don't wanna jump in spite of how
We're the fortunate few,
Don't pull me out of the fish bowl
We need more bombs,
Look at the photographs
100's of telethon moms
Waving foreign flags
Singing America you. S. A. O. K. Alright
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America U.S.A. O.K. Alright Lyrics

Supergarage – America U.S.A. O.K. Alright Lyrics