There was a time I could keep up with you
When you were faithful and your compass true
But then an (earwig) loosened your last screw
Now you look at me like someone new, what's new?

You are a comet, when you streak close by
The radios get weak
And all your teeth glow when you speak
Your language shocking, yes, but sweet

And now you buzz yourself to sleep

You're just a tired honey bee
Would you do this thing for me
Land softly yeah
Land softly yeah
Land softly

These are the photos that I kept
That's me crumbling bereft
But you're still smiling on my left
So it's not so serious as that
There was a time I would have laughed with you
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Honey Bee Lyrics

Superchunk – Honey Bee Lyrics

Songwriters: James August Wilbur, Jonathan Patrick Wurster, Laura Jane Ballance, Ralph Lee Mccaughan
Honey Bee lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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