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Supa Lyrics

Supafriendz – Supa Lyrics

(Danja Mowf)
Come on

Ya'll ain't ready
We we say Supa
We don't say it for nothin' nigga
Heh heh yeah

[Verse 1] (Danja Mowf)
Yo yo yo
Danja Mowf the flow is remarkable (what)
In the game kickin like a soccer pro (come on)
Yo you best to go inside and hide and lock the do'
'Fore I hit you with some shit you need a doctor fo'
When I bust like ?oowops
Cock and spit two shots
Lonnie on the point then I'ma play the two spot
If the girl pretty squeeze her titties like a tube top
Still got soul like "shoop-e-doop-do-wop"
Too hot, like cool and the Gang
SupaFriendz rulin' a-gain
Think you foolin' me mayn? Hell naw
'cause I'm seeing through the bull in the game
And I'm already blazing, you just fuelin' the flame
Can't stop 'till I do a few thangs
Like cruize in my Range
Like get some Nike shoes in my name
Danja Mowf caught you snoozin' a-gain
Yeah I know we used the same track befo'
We gon' use it a-gain (what?)

What what what what what -- SUPA!
repeat 2x

[Verse 2](Mad Skillz)
Ayo ayo
Ayo the beat don't matter I crank on cats
You seein' me shit you wouldn't put your bank on that
I spit for pimps that still pimp outta 'Lacs
I spit for chick that don't buy tapes and don't like rap
Money all year dog seasonal stats
Your honey at the payphone crying shit I'm the reason for that
A lot of flows you aggy 'cause you waitin for me
Skillz and a lot of dough is something ya'll gon' hate to see
Exchange your stock
Went up, ya bank dropped
Slay you on the mic and beat your wife with a tank top
A lot of rap cats is braggadocious
You ain't spittin hot shit you got halatocis
Obsolete you in a Coupe sharin' a seat
We been known to rock beats 'till snares fall asleep
I been hot we ain't got to worry about heat
'cause if we don't eat then ya'll niggas don't eat


LB Double S!

[Verse 3](Lonnie B.)
Uh uh
Uh yeah
Check it out yo
I been around the world, been in many chicks
Been in many clubs, been in many clicks
Got bent over many liquors favorite one Henny
Spending money like fuck it I ain't saved but one penny
Rocked many shows, been in videos
Been in bed with three broads
Should have been on Jenny Jones
Chickenheads think I'm paid
Guess that's why they give me dome
My dick off the hook they should call me Bizzy Bone
Me, Skillz, and Mowf 'bout to put the city on
I was like Pac
y'all was askin shorty "Is you really gone?"
Nah I stay in the zone you can't break me down
'cause I do it all like fed time hate me now
The L-O two N-I-E-be flow
One verse is worth a mil so they feed me dough
Raps a be -ball game and I'm at the free throw
Another point the SupaFriendz
Cock sucker we know

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