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BIG AIR 1080 (Fuck Everybody) Lyrics

Supa Bwe – BIG AIR 1080 (Fuck Everybody) Lyrics

[Supa Bwe]

All eyes on me, fuck everybody
I can tame ho's, I can train ho's
Big ass 1080 fuck everybody
Got a bitch I can call to fuck everybody

Rolling up my mota, I can't pick my phone up
I don't go to work cause, I can't do it sober
She's my favorite stain, no coaster
Shordy such a cobra, got cold blood, got glo'd up, went Golduck

Bury me in dope baby, what's the hold up
Fefe at my funeral and everybody showed up
Fefe in my living room just me and you and her-uh
Fefe in my mausoleum, solo fucking dolo

[Blakkass Westly]

People ask for favors, then I ask for paper
If you ain't got no paper, I might get to it, might get to it later
Ya girl freind is a traitor so trade her
Can't control her level said she need a stronger trainer
Mouth just like a gator, she told me all your data
I shared it with my niggas and they used it for a kaper, and came up
Aim was. always to get rich before I'm famous
Shameless, got to be so shameless

[Supa Bwe]

Only nigga from the future in this room, woo woo woo
Only nigga making music in a tomb, woo woo woo, woo
I come from a shanti, woo woo woo, woo woo woo, woo
You don't understand me, woo woo woo, woo woo woo
Bored and off the Xanny, woo woo woo, woo woo woo, woo
Niggas talk that manly woo woo woo, woo woo woo, woo
Keep a tooly handy, boom boom boom, woo woo woo, woo
Only nigga making music in a tomb, woo woo woo, woo

[Blakkass Westly]

Tree on me I'm not the first, move like water I'm the second
But I try to live my life like I'm the third
Every element my weapon, step in any class and bet I teach a lesson
They tell me "Westly why you stressing? You got the wisdom of the OG!"
But really sometimes bitch I'm guessing
Still got a whole lotta troopas, whole lotta proof we the truth but
You already knew
No need to inspire the crew, whole team got the sight, it's the yes in the moon
We was gods since inside of the womb
My niggas gone ride if I do, I put work in all day and go hide in my room
Tryna spend a lil time with my boo
Then I'll work till I die then I'm through
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