Feat 12th Disciple, Zodiac Killah
[Chorus 1. 5x: 12th Disciple]
I walk thru the Valley of Death alone
And I fear no evil
[Prodigal Sunn]
Well I accumulate, stimulate, circulates thru the days of the insane
Generating thru veins, absorbin acid rain
Planets flee when I proceed, it's order, cause to damage
Ya diamater of life, time and matter
Crucifier of evil desires, I lock all empires, is all fire
Beware of the soul cypher, the last impression armageddon
The day of the Devil's oppressin,
Begins an end in our murder session
The mind'll travel, benjamins never the disciples
Controller of the world
We takin ya ass thru another cycle
I create havoc, like a lunatic
Cuttin to the quick with my fuckin icepick
Ya souls I evict, ya presense is restricted because ya
Click with conflict
With the injuries I inflicted
The wicked I predicted got convicted for domestic violence
So I put his hideous ass to silence
Forever shall he lay to rest in piece, and there he remain deceased
In the belly of the beast
Just to leave Abyss, in evaporated mystery is ceased
I bring forth a new Holocaust
Death tolls by the cross, niggas took a loss
You can't escape this fatal epidemic
It's a sickness, scientists can't fix this
[Hell Razah]
Sunz of Man rule, run thru them conscious like constituti'
Introducin the Hell Raz' the dead brain
That's polluted and Dark Knight we be the Lord shining light
Like the sun forgotten demons better remember
And drop ya guns, I get in ya head like the mind ya don't use
911, call all the devils, the wack rhymes we abuse
Surprise, we come to tell the truth about ya lies
Multiplied by many ways, chase the devils ba
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The Valley Of Death Lyrics

Sunz Of Man – The Valley Of Death Lyrics