Yeah the legend goes that
You can see the Conductor in his boat
Floating past the moon sometimes late at night
Sprinkling pieces of his soul

Floating past while the moon he rows
Over the dark cloud of the lonely souls
Sprinkling down from his boat just a few simple notes
Envision glittering from the heavens I see hope
The Conductor puts his hands to the sky
His score card life where the good always die
Life's a symphony
Routine's a melody
And we play it out in ways to the measure of a beat
Walking straight with every move that I make
I control every move the Conductor of my fate
And the love that we lost is the love that we make
You're the angel of my soul in a world full of hate
Hear me God
Yo I want to do good
But you never brought your marching band through my neighborhood
Look a full moon as my boat just glides
Pieces of a man in the air just flies
Docking on the hills
Putting the sticks up high
This is only one dimension on the carnival ride
Music like emotions, I believe your eyes
The Conductor now sleeps as the angels cry

Just believe (Cry)(Cry)
Any, (Cry) Any
Just believe, Any
(This the one, yeah) Any

I'm one of those who move faster
Then you think, think faster
Then you move
Right past you is how I do
It's slow motion like an astronaut
Got a spaced out grove
Put the hands about the time
Might stroll the show
Have no quarter ounce
Quarterback compose
And conduct like energy
I'm supposed to take it higher
Light your fire like thunderbolts
Mozart with this art
Yeah one I'm one of those
Memories from way back pushing into the future
I wrote this soundtrack for that trip
Play emotions like piano keys
My heart beats with it
Are you straight how I'm living
With this God given rhythm
More fucking through the system
It's just the ice berg tip
I got something that'll rock your ship
Change your life's pit hole
Like your heart beat skip
I'm like the man in the moon
Fall out how I keep with it
The mind muscle is my instrument
Got you into it
And until my soundtrack ends to this music
I'm going to take Conductor life movement

Just believe
Any, Any

Now what we really got control of
We hold love
Let it fall fast out our fingers, our shoulders
We're a heart's slave
We got our parts played out like we wrote 'em
Thought if we wrote it
It would matter in the long run
Run the symphony a puppets to the ocean
Let us all drown
My only brief sound
Breathed out to each town
We conduct to weed out a world we feed doubt
Swallow fear in the rear of the theater
No doubt I'm here it's so we're we the killers
With out a care we're convinced we're the victims
But it's self inflicted depictions of fiction
We the instruments of fearful definition
Those controlling don't have good intentions
We the instruments of fearful definition
Those controlling don't have good intentions

Just believe
Any, Any
Just believe
Any, Any
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The Conductor Lyrics

Sunspot Jonz – The Conductor Lyrics

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