Of course
We're miles away from home
We sink like stones
And we're lost beneath the waves
Not a trace to mark the graves

Lost and tired
And chained

Of course
We plan the great escape
We drag our fate around the razor wire
But our fear keeps us in line

Turn me inside out this time
Looking back the place that I come from
Turn my face
To the place where I go into the sun
Disappear into the sun

Lost and tired
And chained

I know
What sleeps inside my heart
There's a path that starts
With a single step at dawn
Though the road goes on and on


(deep inside a song a thousand miles away)**
(every moment the start of a greater day)**
(running to a field a world we'll find)**

And now
The time has come for me
I must break free
From the prison I have made
And to face the way ahead

Disappear into the sun
Disappear into the sun
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Disappear Lyrics

Sunny Day Real Estate – Disappear Lyrics

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