I found the picture of us in the yard;
Somethings are lost and somethings (I guess) get found.
You had that shirt on--you loved the Cars.
You always wore it. I never got that sound.
You had that cat... Just what was it's name?
I can't remember. It's not important now.
I never wonder where you are now.
I just forgot it. Maybe I should write shit down?

Was that the day I lost your keys
When we were stoned at the beach?
Maybe someday you'll let me know.

There was a summer, dazed in the sun
Until September... it's not important now.
When was your birthday? Pearl Harbor Day?
And I forgot it. Next time I'll write it down.
I hate nostagia. It tries too hard
To remember only the easy parts.
Now I wonder where you are now.
I can't forget it. Now that I wrote it down?

Was that the day my calls were screened
(I saw the caller ID)?

Was that the day that I was seen
Kissing your friend on 3rd Street?
I never thought that I was mean.
How could I have not seen?
Maybe someday I'll let you know.

That was the day, that was the scene.
I just rewrote the ending.
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When Is Pearl Harbor Day? Lyrics

Sunday's Best – When Is Pearl Harbor Day? Lyrics