Is it just me or are the stars bright tonight?
Up high, enchanted visions of stars that shine for me in the heavens above
I wish to be inside of you,
Inside the constellations of your heart

I part from dust; the bleeding of two
The chain breaks and sparks will fly... Fly on
The more I try the harder I fall... Away
Harder I try you're gone

A distant sun, I see gold in your eyes
Sometimes I wished it all away
Too many times I took you for granted
Your fading smile, your eyes turned to grey...
This time, I won't let you go away

So long ago... I fly so high I can't touch the ground
I touched the sun and burnt away...
These feelings inside won't go away
The more that I bleed, I bleed for you...
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Like Icarus Lyrics

Summer Dying – Like Icarus Lyrics