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Not By Them Lyrics

Sum 41 – Not By Them Lyrics

She is a poser and always will be.
She acts like a little boy,
Just cause she took it away from me.
I think she can't skateboard worth shit,
I don't think she even knows what anarchy is.
She tries to fit in, but it isn't gonna work
The clothes she wears make her look like dork
She says she don't agree with the government
And I don't even think that she knows what anarchy is.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah! That's the writing that's on the wall.
Yeah yeah! Jugdemental are we all.
Nothing that is said will ever be the truth
About the girl that was on the wall
These lies are always loose.

She is not a poser and never will be.
Shes not trying to fit in
But you will never see,
Maybe its shit, but at least she trys
Maybe youre wrong bout everything
All words you speak are lies

She doesn't need to fit in with the crowd
She laughs a lot but who cares if shes loud
We need more people in this world today
Who will stand up for what they believe in
And one day you will see

Yeah yeah yeah yeah! That's the wrinting in the stall
Yeah yeah! As Punks we stand for each and all
Now theres the truth instead of whats on the paint
About the girl on the wall
There will be more judgement just wait.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah! She knows what anarchy is.
Yeah yeah! Tell the facts, the ones we always miss.
Someday when you lie and bed, drool and think
About the girl, you wrote about on the wall and sink.
Wonder whats shes doing now,
How she turned out to be
Wonder if shes laughing still, loud as can be.
Maybe shes an anarchist, who still believes in truth,
And laughs About the shit that people said bout her through all high school.
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