If it takes whatever, I will wait for you
For a thousand summers, I will wait for you
Till you're here beside me, till I'm holding you
And till I hear you sigh here in my arms, ooh

I'll let someone start believing in you
Let him hold out his hand, let him touch you and watch what happens
Once someone who can look in your eyes
And see into your heart, let him find you and watch what happens

No I won't believe your heart is cold
Maybe just afraid to be broken again
But if you let someone with the deep love to give
Give that deep love to you, oh, what magic you'll see
Let someone give her heart, someone who cares like me
So if it takes forever, I will wait for you, ooh, for you
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Umbrellas Of Cherbourg Lyrics

Sue Raney – Umbrellas Of Cherbourg Lyrics