I'm gonna show you how I flow, here we go, are you ready?
To be taken to a land made of suit and confetti
Where logic is illogical and often times fought
Yes, I'm talkin' 'bout my brain, and my train of thought
In order to write the disorder of my type
You have to be distorted before you're fully ripe
Otherwise you'll never change, you'll be limiting your range
And your rhymes'll have the value of your current pocket change
Keep an open mind or you'll never find a rhyme
That defines who you are and won't creep up your behind
Whether your song's about fleas or s** on your knees
You can't be creative if you censor your ideas
So I don't and I won't but I love to rock the boat
You gotta spill a little thrill it's too easy just to float
I'll never run from a challenge 'cause they're fun when they're done
Son, this is how I like it and I do it so I'll show you how it's done.

I like to keep a little distance between me and other mcs
They don't wanna conceive what I often live and breathe
Givin' you what's taboo is what I often do best
While the rest of them don't attempt to do this
I got an urge to splurge so I'll never conserve
Any rhyme on my mind goes where the pen and paper merge
If I like the way it looks I break out the 4-track
And I use whatever works and I scrap whatever's whack
My habit is I grab whatever thought comes to mind
And echoes every word in the void for some time
With every rhyme that I create I always have a ton of fun
Cause this is how I like it and I do it so I'll show you how it's done

If I'm gonna do the song, then I'm gonna do it right
If the song comes out wrong then I throw it to the night
And I bite my tongue, make sure it isn't sung
If it doesn't want to function then it doesn't get done
I gotta concentrate I don't flip heads or tailes
My creation is wasted if my train of thought derails
So I keep my head straight and I keep my pen flowing
No one really knows exactly where I've been going
But that's irrelevant, important is what's evident
My bass rumbles on like a herd of wild elephants
I keep it going even if I break the lights
Because I am the terror that raps in the night
My basement is where I create all my bass in
I'm hackin' up the suckers like that maniac Jason
And on the back roads I'm simply uncanny
Devo Spice has it with four tracks of insanity
Sudden Death has the ultimate solution for the boys
And we cause a little noise pollution
With rhymes intertwined over bass that weighs a ton
This is how I like it and I do it so I'll show you how it's done
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Show 'em How It's Done Lyrics

Sudden Death – Show 'em How It's Done Lyrics