Misty voice is calling, calling for my name
Seducing me to enter, giving shelter from the rain
Misty voice is calling, calling for my name
I can't resist the attraction, lighting up the flame

Forest is unexplored, Forest is untamed
Forest is forbidden, it's never the same
It's eerie
Forest is a riddle, Forest is a mystery
Forest is magic, you see what you wanna see
It's tempting

Like sirens trees are wailing
Waving their arms invitingly
Enchanting the lone drigting soul

Forest is a lung, a perfect place to hide
Forest is a grave, the haven under the sun
It's eternal

Forest is just as evil as I am inside
Reflecting images of my mind
Forest can deprive my freedom
Drown me in her deep embrace
Or she can give me peace
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Bad Forest Lyrics

Suburban Tribe – Bad Forest Lyrics