"Fight the good fight
Rage against the dying of the light! "
A wise man once said.
"Well, if he's so wise, how come he's dead?"
Nonsense conundrums like these are all we hear
Throughout these even numbered years
Puerile politics and mudslinging madness
Fills the voter's hearts with sadness

Voting machines down, lines throughout town
Minorities disenfranchised
Ulterior motives realized

Their force coagulates
While our rights degenerate
Not how I want this to be
Why can't anyone see?

Raise up your voice! (X7)

Special interest groups keep 'em jumping through hoops
With no time left to concentrate
On what they've promised along the way
That's how it's always been
No matter who wins we lose!
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Raise Up Your Voice Lyrics

Suburban Hostage – Raise Up Your Voice Lyrics

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