Take down my old cross throw it on my back it's been two years And A sea of tears I'm A lone wolf in the pack calling out my name hear that wicked voice pulling me back to the dark life do I have A fucking choice
Feel my pulse increase smell that dirty junk put me back in the garbage can my God I can't get enough don't pick up the phone tell Another lie I don't think i'll ever live to see Another day
Another day Anymore
Light that cigarette same old frame of mind two years down the drain one line At A time turn down All the blinds you can't see my face watching my life fall Apart is this the only way
Can I crash At your pad can I stay on the floor can I borrow your ride catch A ride to the store do you have Any cash I have no reason do you have Any more, I need some more tweek
I don't care Anymore do I regret
Do I have regrets do I have A choice do I have belief do I have A voice do I have A God do I live this lie do I think i'll ever live to see Another day no way
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Tweek Lyrics

Substance D – Tweek Lyrics