Yesterday I saw a whore looking out my door
While she makes my body aches but I walk in and I say:
I'm on the mic doin things you like
The name is ras M. G. And I'm a treat you right
Cause all the ladies and me you see we both agree that I'm going down in world history
Oh she makes my body ache and you know I live for more
I won't flake or perpetrate
I won't front no funky whore

Don't get me wrong I'm just singing my song
I'm just like you I like to ball my freaks all night long
Not only do rhy-rhyme, I also cut so nice
And all the fightin, perpetratin dj's want my slice

(bradley rhyme)

My name is eric I have nothing to say
Because I am not a fucking D. J.
And if you want to come talk to me, then you've got to talk to my man Bradleeey

Uh-uh elected, my rhymes will be perfected.
The mighty mc's will be dissected and rejected
I am the most impressive- aspective and progressive-
Motivating, innovating, chillin and digested
Its obvious as ever it will be specialized
If your trying to proclaim-uh- can't be compromised
I am a fresh mc
As you can plainly see
You won't regret a dj fresh I'm sure you'll soon agree
So take a seat n' feel the beat of course it is ok, Uh-Uh

5000 G, we outta here, peace, unity.
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Live At E's Lyrics

Sublime – Live At E's Lyrics

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