So much money where does it all come from?
We re paying for democracy never mind the bomb
So much money what does it do?
It puts them in power where they shit on you

You don t care about the social disease
You got so much money you can do as you please
Too many people voted for you
Now you re telling us what to do
Money is power and you re so rich
You married for money to a classy bitch
Use the cash to build up a regime
The silent man behind the killing machine


Political war is an easy game
Using the people to support your aim
State your idea of your ideal state
And after they ve voted it ll be too late
And when the country s in a fucking mess
They want to know the secret of your success
You never used weapons you never used tools
But money is power and people are fools

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So Much Money Lyrics

Subhumans – So Much Money Lyrics