Verse 1:
In the hood seem to die at a young age wakes and funerals that make it feel
Like a sunday all they talk about is money and gunplay only light they
Gettin is the one from the sunray No light bulbs bright ideas shame to kill
That niggas the right idea like a nigga lose his life every night out here
Kinda hot but they talk about ice out here it's always some I'll shit 12 to
19 already done killed shit all of them is numb don't none of em feel shit
It's just like a warzone and that's on some real shit homey this is og talk
Blow og kush do a og cough and I know tv shake the police off and don't
Engage with ya enemy you know he soft what up it's all missing to grown folk
Little niggas is hard they don't know how to school em they know how to
Sucka a herb or a foola know how to crack pack go for a jewler shit is real
Out here and blood is like oil how it spill out here keep away from out
Here and don't chill out here the 9mil might pop ya grill out here

(hook chorus to be added later)
[Verse 2:]:
When birds play the video games mistake wack rappers in the video games
Playstation xbox laptop desktop I b askin myself when will the mess stop
Snotty littly niggas is too rude all they know is google and YouTube it's
Makin it easy and nothin realistic you can see on the tv but they call this
Reality shows something to make the classroom grow make em lazy s***s crazy
Me I stay hazy always keep a dutch deep and they aint even makin no buttons
Shit is touch screen, and they don't talk they text lol wtf and I b like
Damn what the fuck is next cause mr illuminati seem to cash them checks

(hook chorus to be added later)
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Children Lyrics

Styles P – Children Lyrics