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On The Record Lyrics

Stunna Girl – On The Record Lyrics

​On the record
Fuck being the princess of rap
I’m a trap bitch with 30-inch weaves and straps (30-inch straps)
I see you hoes stalking my Snapchat (I see you)
Y'all know y'all see my lil cute ass thumbin the fat trap
Sliding in my beamer with a Glock on my lap
Slid through the P, I done slid through Iraq
Bitches sneak dissing me can't see me in straps
I'm wasting bullets cuz they don't be firing back

Bitch talk stupid, I'm peeling yo cap
I be getting on shit first y'all be getting attacked
Free my bitch Chata my sis murdered a scrap
And you ain't gotta light me up ima come where it's at
Bitch see me freeze dead in her tracks
I’m jumping out and blowing her back
You would think I was a nigga the way I was blowing her back
Left that bitch body laid out on the crevices cracks

Just paid a bitch a band to sew in my tracks (you see me?)
My outfit, you can't find on the racks (you see me?)
Niggas so obsessed cuz I'm foreign and black
But only let em eat pussy cuz I ain't
Tryna get trapped (whoa whoa whoa whoa)
But nigga don't waste yo breath you ain't top of the hat (whoa whoa whoa whoa)
This is my world so niggas better try to adapt
Bitch yo nigga hitting me I'm hitting em back
Like do you got some money nigga is you eating the cat?
But niggas always in they feelings always getting attached
Only time I'm in my feelings is when you blowing my stacks
Bitch always in her feelings cuz her pussy is wack
But over me, these niggas don't know how to act
They get controllive, get to losing their mind
That shit be throwing me off so I leave em behind (on my mama)
You bitches ain't pushing real lines (on my mama)
From this day forward y'all gotta
Pay for my time you hear me? (Hear me?)
I can't go nowhere in my city (nah)
At the hair shop with a pap in my titty
You bitches can't fuck with me
So knock me down
See bitches slipping, I’m chasing y’all down (haaaan)
Caught her lacking at the red light
Hoe smashed off so scared for her life (on God)
I'm smokin every bitch I don't like
I'm shooting bitches when I see y'all on sight (bitch)
I be one deep tripping
Tell yo nigga quit calling, bitch it's pimpin (haaaaan)
All he good for is some tricking
All he good for is cat licking
Only time I ride dick is when I'm fucking him back (ay ay ay ay)
Yea he think I'm the devil the way I'm arching my back (ay ay ay ay)
My new nigga got my ass getting fat
Yea he beating this shit up while I'm throwing it back (oh oh)
Yea he beating this shit up while I'm making it clap
Yea I'm busting that shit open while he cocking it back lil bitch
Let me introduce you to some sauce
When I talk bitch pay attention real close
Aye, when I talk bitch you gon learn some real finesse
You the bitch that nigga hides, I'm the bitch that nigga flex
Slap fire out yo neck, neck (blaow)
Bitch you gon learn some respect, respect (blaow)
It ain't directed, ain't respected
I need my deposit if you wanna be accepted (I need my deposit)
It's funny how these bitches all knock me (how they knock me)
But I'm the bitch that they copy
It's funny how these bitches all knock me (knock me)
But I'm the bitch that they copy (on God)
Stunna girl, all diamonds and caps
It's Stunna Girl the trendsetter in Sac
Went down for a robbery and a strap
Did 3 years and bounced right back
Bitch quit playing with me
Hey ay ay ay
Huh, what you saying to me?
Hey ay ay ay
Bitch quit playin with me
I go money crazy
No real way
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