Narcoleptic Mary drops her head in sudden jerks
At the table in the mansion's old estate
Her face in the soup and as she wakes
She hears the laughter bouncing off her plate

And when the china breaks - she awakes
Narcoleptic Mary is careening down the hallway
The dents into the sheet rock match her skull
She's taken so much speed to kill the soporific weeds
But still she feels their pull

So she collapses in a pile on the kitchen tile
And her husband's an insomniac
Who doesn't understand
Hold her head up with his hands
If she'd only stayed awake, she'd have heard
Him when he said "Mary what the Hell's
Wrong in your head!? "

Narcoleptic Mary feeds the dog in the garage,
So proud to fill her one domestic role
But the waves of sleep descend and as her
Spine begins to bend she falls into the water bowl
Narcoleptic Mary
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Narcoleptic Mary Lyrics

Stuart Davis – Narcoleptic Mary Lyrics