There's a lady, street corner queen
Got a patient that's waiting, Got a baby to feed
She's not counting; she's got nothing to lose
Cause there's nothing to win anymore
They say she was a good one
She kept her patients well

But one day in her office, a sick one came to kill

Come take a look at the refuse, Here on the Isle of Debris
Don't take a chance you just might lose here on the Isle of
Life and death supreme illusion, faded shadows in your eyes
With all your theories and confusion
There isn't time enough to die

Young boy watching from a well to do clan
Got time on his hands and little more
Got a monkey that makes him a man
Like nothin' else can or ever will

You say he's not familiar with the good books you have read
He surely is mistaken... he really isn't dead

Come take a look.....
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Isle Of Debris Lyrics

Stu Nunnery – Isle Of Debris Lyrics

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