Look at me and say to me without guilt or compromise,
That you care about anything that doesn't jump right in front of your eyes.
We got a problem.
You got a problem.
The mesmerizing truth.
We all want the life no one is supposed to really own.

Tell me what is worth dying for?
I ask with the assumption I'll get no reply.

Breathe in, Breathe out,
Sometimes I get lost within a stare,
I look around and I ask myself "Why the fuck should I even care?"
This affliction.
It's all been done before.
While I'm sittin' here just killin' time,
And the world goes along for more.

Tell me what is worth dying for?
Would you give up everything to make one lasting point?
We all believe we have the right,
To make believe we know what's right,
But how much will it take to make you stand, and be heard?

I am the reason,
You are the reason,
To abandon everything we have become.

My eyes are wide open.
My heart is wide open.
Is your mind, wide open to see?
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The Misanthropic Principle Lyrics

Strung Out – The Misanthropic Principle Lyrics