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Hindsight Lyrics

Stromkern – Hindsight Lyrics

(feat. Victoria Lloyd)

I am in love with high and far-seeing places
That look on plains, half-sunlight in half-storm
In love with the hours from... circling faces
Veils pass, and laughing fellowship grows warm
You look with me with grave eyes where rapture
An April love of living, burning, confessed the gods are good
The world lies free to capture, life has no walls
Oh, take me to your breast
Take me, be with me for one moment's spawn
I am in love with all the unveiled faces
I seek to wander with the heart of man
I would go up to the far-seeing places, while I was with yours
While youth is yours, turn towards me for space
The marvel of your rapture-lighted face
There are strange shadows fostered by the moon
They are more numerous than clear-cut shade of day
Go forth with all the leaves and the whispers of June
Into the dusk of the swooping bats at play
Or unto the late November dusk

I should have learned this in my youth
That thinly silence it veils the truth
I walk in circles around my head
To walk in this bed of nails

I can't love you like I wanted to
Everything is change
You make me bleed

I can't rely upon - oh maybe - safety from anyone
You'll never break this son again

I write pages
Tell your rogues and sages
We're the same
Tell 'em we're the same (We're the same)

I should have known this is your truth
To design failure with your noose
I wrote this sober and profane
You know you'll never (I don't feel safe here anymore)

I don't love you
Like I wanted to (Everything has changed)
You can, you make me bleed

Tell you a story for - or maybe - break your heart some more
I don't feel safe here anymore

I won't lie to you
I don't trust you
And everything has changed
Everything has changed

I don't like you when I look at you
Everything has changed (I don't know...)
(The warmth I'd felt)
The safety I've found
(I don't feel safe here anymore)
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